Levitical Trainee Program

 The Levitical Trainee Program is a two year discipleship program with a focus on setting participants apart to grow physically and spiritually. Designed to transform dancers from the inside out, the program encourages trainees to draw nearer to God, discover who He made them to be, and use their gifts and talents for His glory! As they set themselves apart for the Lord, He moves in and through them powerfully to change not only their own lives, but thousands of others’ through outreach and missions opportunities. The program is specifically structured for the young adult with advanced to professional level training, ages 17-35, who desires to connect excellence in dance with missions and passionate worship. Those accepted into the Levitical Trainee Program undergo daily dance training in diverse styles as well as discipleship, leadership, and Biblical classes. Combining a high-caliber of dance technique with spiritual maturity and understanding, they activate what they’ve learned in Kingdom ministry. Trainees participate in outreaches, performances, homework assignments, and other responsibilities in addition to the commitment of 20 hours per week. The program is designed to prepare dancers to activate their calling as Levites who are set apart for the Lord, whether in professional company status with Arrows International or elsewhere. Ultimately, it will mature and prepare participants to become an arrow that is sharpened, balanced, and given wings to fly. Then, when the Lord aims His bow and releases the arrow, they will hit the mark with divine accuracy and spirit-filled power.

Dates: September to May, Monday – Thursday from 9:00-2:00 pm.

Program includes:

Diverse Dance Training and Choreography




Accountability partners

Biblical Studies: Encounter God on a personal level, develop evangelistic skills, deepen your relationship with the Lord, and receive impartations of values, disciplines, and life lessons. Topics will include Levites, leadership, identity, passion, purpose, unity, servanthood, evangelism, worship, the Holy Spirit, authority, prophecy, spiritual warfare, gifts of the Spirit, and physical health.

Outreach: Trainees have the opportunity to perform and participate in outreaches here in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas. Local outreach is primarily focused on schools, festivals, church conferences and services, retirement homes, and more. They have opportunities to participate in events such as Project Dance that will activate their gifts and talents and add to their outreach experience. Some trainees may join the Company on tours in the USA and other countries by invitation only.

Cost: There is a monthly tuition fee for 1st and 2nd Year Trainees. In addition, they will be required to provide funds for certain trips and events. Incidental expenses for items like Arrows attire and discipleship materials will be given at the appropriate time. Arrows International is a non-profit ministry, so donations can be made on their behalf through Arrows and their donors will receive an annual donation statement (tax receipt).

If you are interested in the Levitical Trainee Program, please contact us at admin@arrowsintl.org for more information.

LTP Application PDF – click to download

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Code of Conduct – click to download

“Arrows has had a huge impact on my life…I’ve seen Him overwhelm me in His presence and provide in ways that I could have never expected. He’s taken me on this new journey of intimacy with Him.” – Alexis, New Jersey (LTP and Company 2016-Present)  

“Being in Arrows has made me grow as a person, as a dancer, and most importantly as a worshipper. Arrows changed my life because… I felt my life falling apart. When I got there, my life changed with joy, with love, and with a new family.” – Pablo Bravo, Costa Rica (LTP and Company 2015-2017)

Season 2023-2024 Trainees

Gabrianne Kohls

Hannah Vance

Lilian Raiol

Nyah Goodridge

Jeison Reyes

Annaliese Johnson

Jasmim Jotter