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Pastor's Evaluation and Recommendation Form


Application With All Necessary Information


Release Form If Under 18 Years Old


Video of You Dancing (Minimum of 2 Minutes,


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Resume and Biography (One Short Paragraph is


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Costume Measurements


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Arrows International

Terms and Conditions

1. As a minister with Arrows International you must be at least 18 years of age.

a) Those that are younger must be given permission by Arrows and their legal

guardian and must sign and date a release form.

2. Must have a full personal commitment to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. This is a

ministry unto the Lord, and as such, you must be willing to accept the spiritual cover

and practical leadership of Arrows International for the duration of the mission.

3. Regarding fincacial responsibilities, participants must pay their own way to the Arrows

International base in Edmond, OK. They must pay all required fees for the designated

trip. They must accept responsibility for their own person expenses (i.e. spending money

and extras). They must arrange for medical insurance coverage for your time with

Arrows International. Without proof of edequate insurance coverage you will not be

allowed to participate in the mission. (You will need to give a copy of proof of insurance

upon arrival to the Oklahoma base).

a) It will be your responsibility to obtain passports and visas when necessary.

b) In regards to costuming Arrows provides most of your necessary items; however,

you will be in charge of your own necessary under garments (i.e. leotards and tights

for women, undershirts and bike shorts for men), as well as necessary dance shoes.

You may also be asked to bring a few pieces from your own wardrobe (i.e. an all

black outfit). Once accepted you will obtain a list of needs to gather, along with a

packing list as the trip date approches.

4. All participants with exception of leaders will stay on the Arrows International base located

in Edmond and will need permission to leave the base outside of planned outings.

5. You will need to include a short essay as to why you feel called to travel with Arrows Intl.

6. Include a short one paragraph biography about yourself and a resume.

*** Special Note: Once accepted we would like you to have a solo or duet prepared to

minister on the mission. Solo - 3 minutes or less, Duet - 4 minutes or less***


Arrows International



Trip Vision: Unity in the team and Unity in the body of Christ


Unity is very important in what we do at Arrows International. During our 10 day training

period we sharpen our hearts with the reading and study of God's word. As we press in and seek

God's face as a team we are strengthened and exhorted to walk the road before us with courage. As

per reading God's word Joshua 1:8 exhorts us "meditate on it day and night, so that you may be

careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful. Have I not

commanded you? Be strong and courageous." For 10 days we set ourselves apart to train

spiritually, mentally, and physically. Just as the Levitical priests prepared themselves before

entering God's presence so must we take time to prepare before we minister. Our desire is to

prepare our instrument for god's noble purposes, 'if a man cleanses himself of the latter (ignoble),

he will be an instrument for noble purposes, made holy, useful to the master and prepared to do any

good work" (2 Tim 2:20-21).


God has placed a burden on Arrows to cry out for unity in the body of Christ. It has become a

central theme in what we have shared across the country and the world. It is time for the body of

Christ to rise up in unity, for men and women to take their place as warriors and worshipers.

Arrows is called to lead the body of Christ into worship and to challenge those who are asleep in

Christ to rise up! God is doing many things in this latter day. God is "shaking the heavens and the

earth, the sea and the dry land" so that "the desired of all nations will come" (Haggai 2:7). We

press toward unity in the body of Christ with great expectancy, knowing the time of God's favor is

at hand.


Trip Basics: Arrows at a glance


Arrows International takes groups of dancers on short term mission trips to spread the gospel

of Christ. All Arrows team members must go through an application process and be accepted in

order to join a mission team. All applications are prayed over before making final decisions as to

who will be a part of each team. If accepted to be a part of the designated team, each team member

is expected to raise their own funds for the trip and have the funds turned in by the specified due

dates. Team members will be challenged to grow spiritually, physically, and mentally during their

time with Arrows. The trip is divided between prep week of 9-1 0 days and an outreach to the

designated nation of 12-14 days.


The first portion of the trip is preparation time. Each day will be filled with prayer,

devotions, worship, biblical application classes, and a wide variety of dance choreography.

Devotion and study topics may include but not limited to: The Latter Day Levite, Becoming the

True Worshipper, Missions and Evangelism, Unity and Team Building, Culture application, and

Spiritual Warfare. The dance styles used in choreography include: Contempory/Modern, Lyrical,

Ballet, Swing, Hip Hop, Jazz, and Pas de Duex. We also use drama/mime in our strong salvation

message used to evangelize. During preparation week the group learns to function as a team ... from

7am-9pm daily .. . dancers will be preparing for the mission trip. At the close of the training period

there will be a concert to showcase the ministry pieces that will be performed on the trip. Family

and friends are all invited to come get a taste for what participants will be doing while with Arrows.

The second portion of the trip is the mission trip outreach itself when the Arrows team will

fly from Oklahoma City to designated nation. This is where we go out to HIT THE MARK!! To

take all that we prepared for to go out and evangelize, to set the captives free, to bring healing to

the land, to see salvations take place, miracles, signs and wonders.


Trip Application:


Potential mission trip goers are required to fill out a basic application and be accepted

before joining an Arrows team. One important part of the application is a brief essay in which

we ask applicant's to describe why they feel called to be a part of Arrows team. Included in the

application is a letter of recommendation that must be filled out by the pastor of the applicant and

sent to Arrows. Arrows also requires a video minimum of 2 minutes of you dancing, presenting

your dance style or styles of choice which can be from class or performance. Finally you will

need to provide headshot and full length photo, as well as a resume and a short one paragraph bio

of yourself.



5. Member Application

6. Pastoral Recommendation Form

7. Costume Measurement Form

costume measurement


Arrows International
P.O. Box 30101
Edmond, OK 73003