"...an experience I will never forget, and also one I will cherish and have forever"

My personal experience with Arrows International has truly grown me mentally and spiritually in the mission field, as well as my every day life and walk with God. Since my first International trip to Costa Rica in 2010 I have witnessed miraculous things and have been apart of God's Mighty hand changing the lives of the lost and hurting, through my obedience, dedication and focus. My faith in the power of God and Holy Spirit has gained a tremendous amount over the past few years while being apart of Arrows International Dance Company. It has been an experience I will never forget, and also one I will cherish and have forever. A specific story I would like to share was when I went to Puerto Rico, with Arrows the summer of, 2011. We had just got done with a concert located outside on a basketball court surrounded by an apartment complex. We then split up into groups of 2-4 people and walked around to get to know the people and pray a blessing over them if they would like. I spotted two women and felt the urge to go over there and ask if they wanted prayer, one of which had a child and I could sense pain she had when I got closer and introduced myself. After that, we (Natalie Lewis, a translator and I) began talking to these ladies and then asked if they had any prayer needs, both responding no, we asked if we could pray a blessing.


"...humble warriors for Christ!"

Arrows is a powerful ministry with strong leadership from Jeff and Natalie Lewis. It is made up of dedicated and skilled dancers with pure hearts and motives of wanting to use their gifting for the high calling of serving the Lord where and when He opens doors.
Many of these young men and women are involved at A.R.T.S. studios in Edmond Oklahoma where they train and or teach. I am the director of A.R.T.S. and have had the privilege to see Arrows being birthed and then watch them daily, rehearse, instruct and mentor others. They have built and continue to build on a solid foundation as they reach out at home and abroad to touch lives through the arts!  You will be blessed in many ways if you have a chance to work with these humble warriors for Christ!

Katha Bardel
Owner and Director of ARTS
Edmond, OK

"I believe the Lord used our dancing to soften hearts."

"Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you." Is 60:1  The Lord used this verse to direct me to Arrows in 2009.  My heart was longing for more- more understanding, more experience of Gods heart toward dance.  What was it all for? I had a dance degree, years of training and performing professionally under my belt, but I still wasn't satisfied. My passions were shifting.  I knew I needed to arise, to go forth, to advance, to take a step of faith and to shine for His glory with Arrows.  I wanted to see what God could do with the little gifts He's given me.  I wanted to see how dance could reach a culture, a people group that would never have the privilege of going to see a show.  How could this art form, under the direction of the Most High, change lives?  well lets just say He showed me....

In one of our first places of ministry, we encountered a healing.   Following the service, the chairs of this small church were moved and the Arrows team was spread out praying, dancing, and fellowshipping. Meanwhile, one man with a cane came up to the front to receive prayer and left without the cane.Due to a car accident, he was unable to walk without the cane- he was healed!  
Our prison ministry was powerful. I believe the Lord used our dancing to soften hearts.  I spoke to a man with tatoos all over his face.   The Lord knew we were both from the same city in California.  He gave me two of his personal journals from prison to give to his mother in person.


"We saw how God reached into the hearts and lives of those we met..."

In 2011 God allowed me to be a part of the team He sent to minister in China. We saw how God reached into the hearts and lives of those we met in Kunming, Hong Kong, and Beijing. I know He is moving in them still, preparing those seeds to grow in Him, to know Him and to worship only Him! One of the things that blessed my heart the most was actually during a resting period we had before we would be sharing a concert in a small café in Kunming China. Our team had all gathered on the stage to worship and sing and just lift up any people that would come that evening. While we were worshiping, there were people passing by the café. Some would slowly walk by and some would stop. I just remember closing my eyes in prayer and opening them later to find people had just quietly come in and sat down and more had gathered at the door. Each time I looked up several had slowly made their way closer. That was beautiful to me that in all of the busy schedules, the praises they heard going to the Lord in that simple time of rest and worship is what God used to draw them near. Glory to God for all that He is doing through Arrows International!


"God continues to do the unexpected on every trip"

Every time I work with Arrows International the Lord does wonderful things. This is a ministry with a special calling to advance God’s Kingdom through the arts. In every nation to which we go there is a shift in the spiritual realms, and many people are touched and changed. Even the time of training before each trip is a rich, intense time with the Lord when He prepares each team member much better than ever expected. God continues to do the unexpected on every trip. I remember one day after dancing in a park in Costa Rica, I went with another team member to talk with a man and his daughter. His daughter accepted Christ, and he was delivered from alcoholism! In Guatemala we danced in orphanages and shared the Lord’s joy with the children. One evening in China we presented a concert for influential businessmen and women. By these instances and countless more the Lord has demonstrated His awesome power and His excitement to work through artists who love Him and have set themselves apart for His service.

Elizabeth Agre
Jubilee Worship Arts Institute
Costa Rica, Guatemala, China, Puerto Rico

"I have been truly touched by the training and the leadership..."


In Costa Rica, my first trip with Arrows, I experienced God in ways I had only read about!   I had read of miracles and of people experiencing God in a tangible way, but Costa Rica was one of the most real and impactful personal experiences I had ever had with God!   First of all, I was baptized in the Holy Spirit in the training!  Knowing God was real and present, I began to see things in a new light and have a new-found drive to always live and act in the presence of God.   And that was just the training!   At the end of the trip I was baptized in water next to a beautiful waterfall!  Talk about memorable and life-changing!?!?!!


"they follow God's leading in taking the Gospel around the world..."

Arrows International is housed on our campus at Edmond Christian Center and we have been involved since its inception. It has been a joy to be a part of every mission team as they are housed, feed, taught and trained here.  Every team is different and every team is special. We have enjoyed watching them grow while they are here.  We usually take them to the airport and pick them up, so we are right in the middle of the testimonies of what God is doing on the trips. It has been and is a blessing to work with Jeff & Natalie as they follow God's leading in taking the Gospel around the world.  As glorious as it has been, the best is yet to come!  Dive in! 


"no shortage of Jesus, love, excitement and passion..."

Arrows international is such a incredible way to incorporate dance and missions. I never thought they could mix, but Arrows changed my perspective.  Every trip was such a flourishing time for me. I discovered that my identity was not wrapped up in my dancing, but in the Lord. He revealed Himself in so many ways to me and to the whole team.  You are family from the moment you arrive in OK, and we all support each other.  There is no shortage of Jesus, love, excitement and passion.  Although the trips are hard and physically draining, if your eyes are focused on the Father, you just keep pressing forward, because it is the joy of the Lord welling up in your soul.  I have traveled with Arrows three times to Costa Rica (08, 10, 12).  I have grown in the Lord, and His love for His people has deepened in my heart.  I strongly recommend anyone to apply to go on a trip with Arrows International.  

Anna James
Edmond, OK
Arrows International Dance Co. 
Radiant Dance Co.

"The imparting of God's truth, joy, hope, healing, strength..."

The imparting of God's truth, joy, hope, healing, strength... these are some of the many blessings I witnessed through my trip with Arrows, blessings both within our team and to those we ministered to in China. Through devotionals and choreography alike, I was humbled by being part of a team that sought to utter every word, every movement, every breath in worship to God.  And by His grace, this mindset unified us in every way, in our rehearsing, in our logistical preparation, in our unending travel adventures, so that we were equipped to seamlessly share Christ with a people whose hearts were open to receive – and open to receive through an art form such as dance. Praise God indeed for raising up worshippers and ministers to Hit the Mark.
Megan Dortch
Abilene, TX
China, 2011
Currently works at International Justice Mission

"The presence of God is always thick on an Arrows trip."

Being apart of Arrows International and traveling with them has completely changed my life. I have been dancing for as long as I can remember, but I never truly understood what it meant to be a worshiper.  On my first trip with Arrows- Costa Rica 2010- God grabbed my heart, and with a lot of coaching from some team members I was finally able to understand how the Lord wanted me to worship him.  The presence of God is always thick on an Arrows trip. From the first day of training, I knew that Jesus was there. God taught me so much during these trips and gave me a passion to truly show people the love of Jesus! Many peoples lives were changed through our ministry. Some of the people were healed of broken hearts, some learned to forgive, others gave their lives to Jesus for the first time, some were physically healed, and some found out just how much God loves them.  Whatever is was, God moved mightily in the hearts of the people. He also moved in the team members bringing a beautiful unity and friendship that lasted long after the trip. The trips I went on with Arrows have been some of the best weeks of my life! 

Megan McGraw
Edmond, Ok
Arrows International Dance Company
Costa Rica 2010, Costa Rica 2012, NCY 2012

"I have never been the same since."

Arrows Costa Rica 2010 was a time during which God was preparing my heart for vision. I didn't know it, but He was soon going to birth a vision in me for my life and future ministry. The training in Oklahoma was a huge part of this.

By spending every day dancing, worshipping, getting in the Word, and praying together, change happens, the Holy Spirit is so welcome, and we experience great unity as a team. 

Throughout this trip, the Lord was teaching me more of the truth about being uniquely designed by Him (AH!), that my dancing and my life does not have to look just like someone else's, and it's not supposed to. Hallelujah!

At some point during training, Jeff and Natalie mentioned the possibility of going to Puerto Rico the following year. I felt a "yes!" in my spirit, and though I didn't know why, I just knew that I was supposed to be on that upcoming trip.    


"I come home from every trip changed with a deeper revelation..."

I have been blessed to travel with Arrows International to Guatemala (2009) and Puerto Rico (2011). This summer I will be working with Arrows for a thrid time. It is a honor to take what I love most, dance, and use it to glorify God all over the world! I am so thankful to Jeff and Natalie Lewis for giving dancers the opportunity to be involved in international ministry. 

Each trip I have been on has been different but the ultimate outcome has been the same; people's lives changed by the power of our amazing God. In Guatemala we literally saw a lame man walk again, and in Puerto Rico we watched the hardened hearts of female prisoners melt before the Lord as we danced. I come home from every trip changed with a deeper revelation of the awesome God that I serve!

Jamie Ulrich
Jacksonville, Florida 
East Coast Ballet Company
Guatemala 2009
Puerto Rico 2011
London 2012

Exhilarating Performance

"Arrows brought such creativity and energy to the Project Dance event. It was exciting to see them lining up backstage and knowing we were in for a meaningful, fun, and exhilarating performance."
Dan Cossette
Ad Deum Dance Company
Houston Texas

"I highly recommend their ART of making the gospel come alive..."

I have enjoyed working with Arrows, for the past 3 years.  We have joined together, to produce original musical dramas, in which the dance and other musical expressions, have enhanced each presentation.  The team is professional, as well as being very easy to co-labor with.  Their creativity has been an asset to the entire church body, and I highly recommend their ART of making the gospel come alive, both with a musical score or a mime routine.  This group is a must for the nations, not only in churches, but,amidst platforms of any artisic interest.  They exemplify the spirit of excellence!!
Judy Mills, Church on the Rock, Drama Director (Oklahoma City, OK)

"professional, Godly, prophetic and anointed..."

Arrows is one the most professional, Godly, prophetic and anointed dance ministries that I personally have the blessing to work with. Arrows truly captures the heart of worship and expresses that passion for God in all their presentations. 

Pastor Andy Leong
Oklahoma City, OK
Church on the Rock, OKC


Arrows International
P.O. Box 30101
Edmond, OK 73003