The Company

Arrows International Dance Company
& Levitical Training Program

For intermediate or advanced dancers ages 17* and up who are experienced in diverse dance styles with passionate hearts of worship and the desire to minister to our city, our country and the nations.
*Younger applicants may be considered at the discretion of the directors.

September - May

Monday – Thursday, 9:00am – 2:00pm

Arrows International is called to go out and to use our gifts and talents wherever God leads us. We are arrows in the hand of God waiting and preparing to be sent by Him. We are called to minister the truth, tear down strongholds and bring unity to the Church through forgiveness, repentance, fellowship, acceptance and love. We are shakers and groundbreakers who worship in spirit and truth. With favor and influence, we go to places where most will not venture, bringing change to the atmosphere and drawing men unto God. God has called us to equip and prepare Levites to go out and affect the world. We are becoming a fine-tuned instrument, crafty, skilled and anointed for a time such as this. Arrows International is called to the nations, to the lost, hurting and the broken hearted, to those in need of a savior, of healing and a touch from God. So the question is, are you willing to go wherever the Lord sends you? Are you willing to take your dance to the streets, the prisons, schools, orphanages or anywhere else you may be directed? If you desire to be a part of Arrows International, then your answers to these questions must be yes. You must be willing to say, “Here am I, Lord, send me,” not only to churches but outside of their four walls. We use the gift of dance to evangelize, change the atmosphere and bring joy, peace and hope to people’s lives. We train, equip and mentor the Latter-day Levite to be about the house of God and to GO OUT. We are called to help you become an Arrow in the hand of God, ready to be released from His quiver at a specific, appointed time to HIT the MARK with accuracy.

Levitical Training Program and Arrows International Dance Company will be focused on preparing those who are called to grow in understanding and be activated to minister nationally and internationally as a modern day Levite. In the Old Testament we learn that Levites are members of the tribe of Levi, which means sacred and belonging to the Lord alone. They were in charge of all the duties of the Tabernacle, the House of God, His Sanctuary: setting it up, breaking it down, and carrying it as the Lord directed, bringing everything into order within and around it, and creating the atmosphere of worship God desires. The Levites were also called to protect God’s house. They were crafty and skilled for the call upon their lives. God declares in Amos 9:11-12 that in the latter days He will rebuild His Tabernacle here in the earth. Are you a latter day Levite called to take the heart of worship in spirit and in truth to the four corners of this earth, restoring true worship and advancing the Kingdom of God?

Levitical Training Program Involves:

➢ Dance training: We will have classes in several styles of dance, focusing on the foundational classes of ballet, jazz, contemporary and modern/lyrical, while adding in other fun styles such as musical theater, turns and jumps, tap, partnering, swing and hip hop. There will be repertoire times to learn pieces that will be used in the outreaches. Some company members will have the opportunity to choreograph for the company.

➢ Biblical studies: We will also have a biblical studies program that will consist of many topics such as leadership, unity, holiness, servanthood, evangelism, worship, anointing, the Holy Spirit, identity, glory, authority, spiritual warfare and physical health.

➢ Mentoring program: We will offer you one-on-one help and guidance, personal prayers and deliverance.

➢ Accountability partnerships: Each company member will have an accountability partner to help one another stay on track.

➢ Outreach: We will primarily be focusing on outreach locally in schools, festivals, church conferences, rehab centers and more.  International travel on one of the Summer Teams either in June or July.  You will have opportunity to participate in Project Dance events. You will have opportunity to travel with company by invitation only.

Outreach includes activation in dance, prayer, ministry, teaching and/ or assisting in workshops.

 Cost of Levitical Training Program:

Tuition:  9 monthly payments of $325 Starting September 1, 2017

Tuition does NOT include housing, living expenses, international travel and certain other events, such as Project Dance. While some fundraising will be done corporately, you will be responsible for the majority of these expenses. God is faithful to provide for your calling; be encouraged and know that there are many ways to develop an ongoing support system that will help meet your financial needs.

It is recommended that company members live together in houses or apartments. We will assist you to find housing and roommates, once you are accepted.

The Oklahoma City metro area is prospering and expanding with many opportunities to work or continue your higher education.

Application Requirements:

Applications will be accepted until August 10th, 2017.

However we HIGHLY RECOMMEND submitting your application as soon as possible so that you can be well-prepared and settled in when the season starts.

The application process involves:

➢ Completed application questions

➢ Separate, type-written short answers

➢ Head-shot

➢ Full body photo in a dance pose

➢ Audition video (unless you are able to come audition locally)

➢ Dance resume

➢ $30 application fee (check or money order made out to Arrows International)

➢ Signed copy of the Code of Conduct, indicating agreement

➢ 3 reference forms mailed directly to Arrows International


Arrows International Dance Company Program:

No tuition fee required as a member of the company.

➢ Requirements: Successfully completed the Levitical Training Program or by special invitation.  Alumni from Summer Team members may inquire.  Only in special occasions will you have an opportunity to obtain a position in the company without going through the Training Program first.  Those chosen for the company have been prepared and fully ready to be activated as Levites. 

➢ Dance Training: Training will continue in the many styles of dance, learning repertoire, training with guest teachers and learning new choreography.

➢ Biblical Studies: We will go to even another level spiritually, growing more in the topics of:  levites, leadership, evangelism, worship, warfare, and so much more.  Activating studies with dance projects and serving arrows in selected positions.

➢ Mentoring and accountability: God has strategically positioned you to go higher. 

➢ Outreach:  We will be activating in every direction- locally, nationally, and internationally.  We will do a 2 week tour as well as travel for weekend events co-laboring with other artists in the USA.  We will travel for 2 weeks for international ministry.

➢ Leadership positions available: teachers and choreographers, mentor-ship and assisting in training the Junior Company, assistance to the directors, paid international teaching opportunities and more

For more information and for a copy of the applications, please do not hesitate to contact us at or 405-285-6407

Application for Admission

Code of Conduct

Reference Form