Hear from Others

“I can be a witness from Africa that your sounds, your dance, have shaken the foundations of Africa in a very unique way.” – Daps Dalyop Gwom (Artist – Ancient Floodgates Global Ministry, Nigeria)

“Their passion for excellence, their love for Jesus Christ, and also their passion for missions. A very rare combination of three.” – Benny Prasad (South Asia Host, Business Owner, World Record Holder)

“I invited Arrows International into the University of Alabama Birmingham, and saw my students grow in exponential ways in only three hours. They not only were encouraging the students in movement but also pouring into their hearts and lives and calling them to rise up higher.” – Jessie Winters (University of Alabama Birmingham adjunct professor)

“Arrows is a powerful ministry with strong leadership from Jeff and Natalie Lewis. It is made up of dedicated and skilled dancers with pure hearts and motives wanting to use their gifting for a high calling.” – Katha Bardel (Director and Founder of A.R.T.S. Dance studio – Edmond, Oklahoma)

“St John’s Anglican Church, Ipoh (Malaysia) was blessed with the unexpected privilege of hosting the Christian dance group, Arrows International Dance Company, USA, at our church on Thursday, 29 June 2017…It was an amazing night of dance and music – the first of its kind to have taken place in our 105 year-old church, and perhaps even in the city of Ipoh. The church was filled with 300 people and everyone who came was blessed to experience this different style of worship and ministry through dance and music. The presentations began with a Testimony by Jeff Lewis and were interspersed with songs of Praise and Worship, ending with a time of rededication for all who attended. For some, it was their first time to see the Lord using His people through dance as a form of worship and ministry. We believe the work of the Holy Spirit was evident on that night. Many people were touched and testified how blessed they felt after attending this event.” – Rev Tom & Veronica Cherian (St. John’s Anglican Church – Ipoh, Malaysia)

“We were honored to have Jeff and Natalie Lewis with the Arrows International dance company minister at the Sakuragi Christian Center for our Sunday worship service. Through their spontaneous dance during the praise and worship time and Jeff’s powerful sharing of the Word of God, many members of the church were encouraged and stimulated to walk deeper in their faith and to believe the Lord for more. Arrows performance outside the Kakegawa station also provided an opportunity for the church to be bolder in sharing the Gospel publicly.  We were surprised to see so many people interested and drawn in to stop and watch the dances and mimes. Because Japanese people are inclined to be more visually than audibly oriented, the performance was very effective in communicating the love and power of God in a tangible way for all ages. The Presence of the Holy Spirit was present to touch and open many hearts and minds of those who would normally never enter a church. I believe that many seeds were planted, and there will be a great harvest of souls in the near future. We are continuing to pray and believe the Lord for “new beginnings” in Japan this year as a direct result of the ministry Arrows International was willing to bring to Japan this summer! May the Lord bless and increase their ministry because of their obedience to Him.” – Pastor Paul Bostrom (Sakuragi Christian Center – Kakegawa, Japan)

“Jeff Lewis and his ministry has been a part of my life and my ministry and the people I’ve ministered with for the past almost 15 years. I’ve had the privilege of translating for him on many occasions… I particularly remember one time when we had them ministering in San Juan, in the center of the capital of Puerto Rico. We had a lot of challenges getting there…but once we surpassed that and they started ministering, I can remember like today how the atmosphere shifted. Everything just changed and the presence of God was released all over the capital of Puerto Rico in San Juan. I know that Arrows carries with them that special anointing that wherever they go, whatever the challenges…they just go above and beyond that and just release the presence of God wherever they go. It’s life changing. I’ve seen many lives changed as a result of that.” – Britt Arrieta (Puerto Rico Host).

“Arrows is one the most professional, Godly, prophetic and anointed dance ministries that I personally have the blessing to work with. Arrows truly captures the heart of worship and expresses that passion for God in all their presentations.” – Pastor Andy Leong (Church on the Rock – Edmond, Oklahoma)

“We’ve been so blessed by their ministry of dance and movement…everything from hosting 1,000 people for a seder meal in an arena to our cramped conditions in our worship center. Just making Jesus and the Gospel come alive through dance, and enabling and empowering us to soar in worship in so many ways. We love you guys, we love your heart, we love the impact you’ve had on our congregation, and the vision you’ve given others for a dance ministry. – Pastor Wesley Hilliard (Heritage Church – Van Buren, Arkansas)

Hear from Arrows

“Being here at Arrows has been a season of surrendering every single area of my life, letting Him take everything that doesn’t belong, and just walking in who He created me to be.” – Mary Paz, Costa Rica (LTP and Company 2017-present)

“This time that I spent with Arrows was just truly the most life changing and life giving 4 weeks that I’ve ever experienced… A new love for the nations has been sparked inside me, and I have grown in ways I never thought possible.” – (Costa Rica/Peru Summer Team Member 2018).

“Being a part of the Arrows International Levitical Trainee Program has been integral to my journey of faith. Learning to let go of control and to have absolute trust in God in everything from finances to choreography and beyond is an area of my life where I have seen a lot of growth. This is one of the many lessons that I will always be able to refer back to and remember the amazing things God has done!” – Rachel, Colorado (LTP and Company 2017-present)

“With Arrows, I learned how to love the nations, to set the captives free, and to bring the life that is living in darkness to the light of Jesus.” – Hycliff, Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico Summer Team 2013)

“I sought the presence of the Lord and I found it, thanks to my experience with Arrows. My life is forever changed.” – Rachael, Texas (Malaysia/The Philippines Summer Team 2017)

“Arrows has had a huge impact on my life…it’s been a time of growing in my relationship with the Lord, allowing Him to remove things from my life that didn’t belong, setting myself apart before Him, allowing Him to give me a new identity and grow my character. As I’ve done that, I’ve seen Him overwhelm me in His presence and provide in ways that I could have never expected. He’s taken me on this new journey of intimacy with Him.” – Alexis, New Jersey (LTP and Company 2016-present)

“Arrows has taught me so much, and I have grown significantly through their Levitical Training Program. I have learned how to use my dance as a form of worship, among many other valuable lessons. As a result, I have seen a remarkable shift in my own character and perspective– my relationship with the Lord has strengthened so much and I have been very encouraged by my time with Arrows.” – Melissa, Canada (LTP 2017-2019)

“One of my favorite parts of this program is being able to take what we’ve learned in studio and use it on outreaches. We bring the presence of the Lord through our movement wherever we go, whether we’re in a school, university, community center, half-way home, church, orphanage, or even out in the open in front of a train station. We get to use our gift of dance and worship to bring people closer to the heart of the Father.” – Dacia, Japan (LTP and Company 2015-2020)

“Being a part of this team has forever helped me in becoming the persevering, flexible, step out in faith, believing for the impossible child of God that I am today. Traveling with Arrows and witnessing the favor of God over and over again demonstrates how dance is used by God to reach the lost He so dearly loves. The incredible teams that Jeff and Natalie put together to be unified and focused for a specific mission destination is a clear affirmation of God’s call on their lives.” – Cindy Killebrew, from Edmond, Oklahoma (Summer Teams: Costa Rica 2010 + 2012, China 2011, New Zealand 2014)

“Whether we were dodging goats and motorcycles in the streets of India or climbing up and down a 5 level stage in a London theater, I’ve personally seen this ministry impact countless lives, and my own foremost among them. This ministry brings joy and the glory of God everywhere they go.” – Elizabeth, Maryland (10 Summer Teams)

“The imparting of God’s truth, joy, hope, healing, strength… these are some of the many blessings I witnessed through my trip with Arrows, blessings both within our team and to those we ministered to in China. Through devotionals and choreography alike, I was humbled by being part of a team that sought to utter every word, every movement, every breath in worship to God.  And by His grace, this mindset unified us in every way, in our rehearsing, in our logistical preparation, in our unending travel adventures, so that we were equipped to seamlessly share Christ with a people whose hearts were open to receive – and open to receive through an art form such as dance. Praise God indeed for raising up worshipers and ministers to Hit the Mark.” – Megan Dortch from Abilene, Texas (China Summer Team 2011 and LTP 2019-Present)