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When you sign up and submit your payment, your subscription will begin on the next release date. New content is released on the 5th of every month; on the release date you will receive an email with a link to the videos for you to watch anytime that month.

*See Description of Services/Terms and Conditions below

All-Access Subscription

$35/month ($25 for internationals)
Your All-Access Subscription unlocks:
– 2 dance technique classes (diverse styles and levels)
-2 Biblical/inspirational teachings by Jeff and Natalie Lewis and guest speakers
-Bonus content – may include Arrows’ repertoire, dance combinations,
creative worship sessions, and more

Inspirational Teachings Subscription

$10/month ($7 for internationals)
Receive just the Biblical/inspirational teachings!

Description of Services/Terms and Conditions

Every video included in Arrows International's Online Subscription service may vary in content, but will generally follow the advertised structure of the videos. Arrows International reserves copyright/ownership of all videos shared as a part of the Online Subscription service. Any video content from the Online Subscription service that anyone except Arrows International posts on social media must be limited to 60 seconds or less; otherwise, Arrows International reserves the right to ask that the video be removed or report it for copyright infringement. When subscribers sign up and submit their payment, their subscription will begin on the next release date. Videos will be released the 5th day of every month and subscribers will be given access via an email on the release date. The sign up form and payment must both be submitted at least 1 day before the release date for the subscriber to receive access for that month. If a subscriber misses the release date and prefers access to the current month's videos instead of waiting for the next month, the subscriber may email Arrows International after submitting the form and payment to request access to the current month's videos; in doing this, the subscriber understands that he/she will only be able to view the videos until the end of the month, regardless of the current date. Arrows International reserves the right to remove videos after they have been available for 1 month. There are no extensions under any circumstances. If the Google Form is completed, but payment is not, we will follow up at least 1 time; if payment is still not received, the subscription will not be activated. For the benefit of the ministry and the protection of our resources, we ask that subscribers please refrain from sharing their subscription passwords with anyone else.

Prices are listed in US dollars. Paypal fees will be absorbed by Arrows International. While Arrows International is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization, payments for the Online Subscription service are not tax deductible. Donations can be made on our website,, under the “Donate” tab. There are no refunds for any subscription, but we do not require any minimum active subscription term. Subscribers are free to cancel their recurring subscription through Paypal at any time.