Our Mission

Our mission is to transform lives and advance the Kingdom of God through the language of dance, discipleship and missions. We raise up artists with Christ-like integrity to offer their lives and talents for God’s glory. Ministering around the globe, we impact hearts for Christ by combining professional dance with passionate prophetic worship, meeting spiritual and tangible needs so that the world may know Jesus as Lord.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be Arrows in the hand of God: sharpened, balanced and given wings to fly to HIT THE MARK to see the fullness of God’s restoring love cover the earth. 

Arrows International, a ministry based in Edmond, Oklahoma, has several programs designed to mentor, prepare, and raise up artists to impact the world with excellence and integrity. Through exciting, joyful movement and music we captivate the audience, engaging the mind and heart of each individual. Our repertoire of ballet, contemporary, jazz, musical theater, hip hop, and drama encourages the people we encounter, bringing fresh hope and healing to their lives. Arrows performs, ministers, and teaches in diverse settings including schools, parks, malls, prisons, orphanages, nursing homes, inner cities, theaters, churches, and universities. We believe that the unspoken language of dance can present messages and stories that spread hope, joy, and healing. In pursuit of this mission, we travel throughout the USA and abroad, now having ministered in over 15 countries to date.

Arrows International exists to…

1.     Raise up worshippers to be set apart, refined, and surrendered to God so that they are equipped to impact the world with excellence and integrity. To connect professional dance with passionate worship. To provide a sanctuary for artists to set themselves apart for the Lord in community.

2.   Be ambassadors of Christ through godly character, pure hearts and motives, knowing who we are in Christ, committing to God above all else in every area of our lives, and actively embracing the cross and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

3.    Spread hope, joy, and healing through the language of dance in cities, states, and nations. To be a powerful prophetic voice to communicate what God is doing or saying in a specific place or moment. To redeem the arts for God’s kingdom’s purposes. 

4.    Encourage and build up the church; to connect and unify the body of Christ.

5.    Reach out to the lost, broken, and hurting as an evangelistic effort to fulfill the Great Commission. To spiritually toil the earth, plant seeds, water seeds, and reap a harvest. To minister wherever God leads us, including the forgotten and unreached corners of the world, that all people may know that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Why the “Arrows” analogy? 

The name “Arrows” is based on a vision, given by God to Jeff Lewis in 2007, of a ministry that would disciple artists to set themselves apart to allow the Word of God to sharpen them and the hands of God to balance them. As they wait on Him and serve Him, He gives them wings to fly, releasing them in His power and authority.