The purpose of Arrows International is to go out to use our gifts and talents wherever God leads us. We are arrows in the hand of God, waiting and preparing to be sent by Him. We are called to minister truth, tear down strongholds, and bring unity to the Church through forgiveness, repentance, fellowship, acceptance, and love. We are shakers and groundbreakers who worship in spirit and truth! With favor and influence, we go to places where most will not venture, bringing change to the atmosphere and drawing men unto God. God has called us to equip and prepare Levites to go out and impact the world. We commit ourselves to becoming fine-tuned instruments, crafty, skilled, and anointed for a time such as this. Arrows International is called to minister to the lost, hurting, and broken hearted and to those in need of a savior, of healing, and a touch from God.

Why “Levites”?

In the Old Testament we learn that Levites are members of the tribe of Levi, which means sacred and belonging to the Lord alone. They were in charge of all the duties of the Tabernacle (the House of God; His Sanctuary): setting it up, breaking it down, and carrying it as the Lord directs, bringing everything into order within and around it, and creating the atmosphere of worship God desires. The Levites were also called to protect God’s house. They were crafty and skilled according to the call upon their lives. God declares in Amos 9:11-12 that in the latter days He will rebuild His Tabernacle here on the earth. Arrows International raises up latter-day Levites who are called to take the heart of worship in spirit and in truth to the four corners of this earth, restoring true worship and advancing the Kingdom of God.