The Company

The Company is Arrows’ professional ministry and leadership team, traveling around the US and internationally to advance the Kingdom of God with performances, outreach, workshops, and conferences. Arrows’ Company Members are mature believers, seasoned ministers, and highly skilled dancers who release God’s glory through worship and prophetic movement at a professional level. They have passionate hearts for worship and desire to set themselves and their gifts apart for Kingdom works. Arrows’ Company Members not only perform and teach around the world, but also are empowered to serve in many ministry roles such as teaching and choreographing, operations management, production and media, and discipleship of the next generation of artists. Additionally, Company members will join a dynamic community that facilitates their growth both as individuals and as leaders as they work together to advance the Kingdom. 

The Company consists of individuals who have either already completed a discipleship program, such as our Levitical Trainee Program or one similar, or have served in a church or ministry and who exhibit spiritual maturity that has been cultivated through ministry experience and leadership roles. If you are a seasoned believer who is passionate about releasing God’s glory through worship and prophetic movement at a professional level and partnering with a multi-faceted, Kingdom-focused ministry, email us today for more information at

Company Members will continue growing at a professional level of…

Dance training






Biblical studies

Outreach: Company Members will activate in ministry in every direction: locally, nationally, and internationally. The Company brings hope, joy, and healing wherever they go. They perform, teach, and minister in diverse settings including schools, parks, malls, prisons, orphanages, nursing homes, inner cities, theaters, churches, conferences, and universities.

Leadership: Company Members are a part of the leadership of Arrows International and have been fully prepared, physically and spiritually, to serve the Lord as modern-day Levites. They serve as armor bearers to the directors. They may have opportunities to take on leadership roles and responsibilities such as choreographing, teaching, speaking, mentoring, filling event leadership roles, assisting the directors, and helping with administration.

Cost: There is no tuition fee for Company Members. As God provides and Arrows grows, we see this developing into a paid company in the near future. Although we are not currently in a position to offer this right now, we are praying for God to show us ways, opportunities, and open doors that would make this goal achievable.  Company Members are required to participate in USA tours, international travel, and events that the directors organize for the company. International trips and events will require them to raise funds. Incidental expenses for items like Arrows attire and discipleship materials will be given at the appropriate time. Arrows International is a non-profit ministry, so donations can be made on their behalf for these expenses and their donors will receive an annual donation statement (tax receipt).

Apprentices have the privilege of training and traveling with the company, though they have not reached full professional company status. They have special opportunities to continue to grow in leadership, servanthood, teaching, evangelism, and immersion in other cultures. Successful completion of the Levitical Trainee Program is required, unless accepted by special invitation.
There will be a monthly tuition fee for apprentices.  They are required to participate in USA tours, international travel, and events that the directors organize for the company.

If you are interested in The Company, please contact us at for more information.

Season 2023-2024 Company Members

Elizabeth Agre

Mary Paz Fernandez

Rachel Deibler

Meredith Jacob

Lysion Vieira

Olivia Cedarleaf

Emily Forster