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Arrows International Dance Company offers concerts, workshops, school chapels/assemblies, and outdoor performances with encouraging messages. We perform, minister, and teach in diverse settings including schools, parks, malls, prisons, orphanages, nursing homes, inner cities, theaters, and universities. Arrows also loves to minister at conferences, church services, and special events. The members of Arrows International are not only skilled in dance, but are led by the Holy Spirit in worship, public speaking, mentoring, the prophetic, and ministry. Our performances are adaptable and can be planned according to your needs. Arrows International is available in the USA and abroad. For more information on what we can offer and how to connect with Arrows International, please contact us.

Book The Directors

Directors, Jeff and Natalie Lewis, travel to various states and nations to speak, teach, choreograph, and minister at conferences, workshops, and special events. As ordained pastors and master choreographers and teachers, they are known to be passionate ministers of the Gospel through prophetic speech and dance. Their unique combination of professional dance expertise and spiritual insight has opened doors for Jeff and Natalie Lewis to encourage and inspire people all around the world. To inquire about booking the directors, please contact us.

Now Booking for 2024-2025 Season